10 Best Truck Stops in the USA

You still miss some of the comforts of your home when you’re over the road – warm showers, a cup of hot tee, the convenience of your own washer and dryer? You may have caught sight of that in recent years, truck stops have become a lot more than just a place to fuel up, use a restroom, and grab a meal. Multiplexes with churches, cinema,  theaters, casinos, and much more all exist now so when you’re stuck trying toor waiting out hours-of-service limitations, at least there are some place out there to help pass the time. Just pay attention and considerate some of the best truck stops that America has to offer.


10. Sapp Bros. with locations throughout the States

Sapp Bros. has a number of full-service travel centers across the U.S. offering clean bathrooms and showers, restaurants, scales, and a Loyalty Card so you can earn points every time you fill up. Sapp Bros. also has a number of service centers and 24-hour roadside service so if you have truck problems, they can most likely fix them while you wait.

9. Highlands Petrol

Wisconsin’s Highlands Petro has been one of America’s best rest stops for truck drivers for over 70 years. This rest stop is dedicated to meeting your needs, no matter what they are. If your travels have taken their toll on you, visit the in-house chiropractor. You can also get a DOT physical exam to make sure you’re in good shape for the rest of your journey. When you’re feeling fine but just want the chance to relax, you can enjoy their hair salon, movie theater, internet room, and more.


8. Clearwater Travel Plaza


Clearwater Travel Plaza is the perfect place to indulge. Their slogan is: “A touch of home when you’re away from yours. Food that’s comforting and contemporary.”The Travel Plaza’s dining options consist of a restaurant, pub, bakery, and food court. The Nelson Brothers restaurant is a dream come true for food lovers. 

A unique feature is their nostalgic Nelson Brothers Bakery.This hometown bakery is open 24/7. You can take a freshly-made baked good with you as you go!

Before you hit the road again, you can also take advantage of their full-bathroom showers which can make you feel a bit more like you’re home. 


7. Tamarack Tourist Information Center


It has a standard food court and provides tourist information, but it also contains a fine arts gallery, handmade gifts, a theater with live performances, a conference center, and stores selling local products. Half a million people stop at the center every year. 


6. Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center


This stop has been named the “World’s Classiest Truck Shop”  and can be found off of I-5 in Portland, Oregon. The Portlander Inn is on the property with 100 rooms for those who are too tired to keep driving. For quicker visits, there’s a restaurant, convenience store, and 80-seat movie theater. Jubitz also has the Ponderosa Lounge with pool tables, TVs, dance lessons, video poker, and live music on weekends. 

5. Trails Travel Center


Trail’s Travel Center has everything a trucker needs including more than 300 truck parking spots, a CAT Scales, modern shower facilities, a truck wash, and a number of restaurants, movie theater and a chapel where truckers can attend a service conducted by Truck Stop Ministries at 10 a.m. every Sunday. 


4. Little America


Everyone has heard of Little America – it’s an institution! They have private showers, a lounge for drivers, a trucking repair shop, a deli and grill, truck scales, and much more. 

Little America is also within an 80-mile radius of six different national parts, a meteor crater, an observatory, several museums and stores, a golf course and the Arizona Snowbowl. 


3. South of the Border


South of the Border is not just a truck stop but an actual destination for families hitting the road. There’s the Sombrero Observation Tower, Pedroland Park with rides for kids including a carousel and bumper cars, that’s in addition to mini-golf courses, bounce houses, and an enormous jungle gym. There’s also a Reptile Lagoon which boasts the largest indoor reptile display in the States. Pedro’s Truck Stop offers showers and a trucker’s lounge. There’s also three different restaurants and an ice cream shop. Variety is what makes South of the Border one of America’s most popular rest stops. 


2. Whiskey Pete’s

Whiskey Pete’s is not only a hotel and casino complex, but it’s also your last place to fill up going into Las Vegas (from California) or heading into the California. There’s a drivers’ lounge, laundry facilities, and showers. If you need a longer break and want to stay awhile, Whiskey Pete’s is part of a much larger resort where you can see a live big-name show in the arena, catch a movie in the theater, or visit one of several golf courses – all of that in addition to an enormous casino. 


1. Iowa 80


Iowa 80 is the“World’s Largest Truck Stop.“ Given that claim to fame and its 900 parking spots, it makes sense they offer a variety of services not typically found at truck stops including a chiropractor, a dental office, a barber shop, a workout room, and a super truck showroom. They also have the amenities you’d expect like laundry facilities, showers, a CAT scale, a place to wash your truck and your dog, and a movie theater. It’s no wonder that it made the list of best truck stops in America!