3 Growth Strategies for Freight Trucking Companies

The freight transport industry is racing ahead, having generated an astonishing $2.7 trillion for freight trucking companies in 2022, with expectations of nearly doubling by 2031. It's a high-speed journey, but don't be fooled into thinking that every player in the industry gets an equal slice of this pie. The competition is fierce, and challenges abound. Driver shortages, soaring operational costs, and unrelenting demand are just a few of the hurdles trucking companies face in North America.

So, how do you not only survive but thrive in this rapidly evolving industry? The answer lies in innovative strategies that can help your freight business navigate the winding road to success. Here are three proven approaches to steer your company towards growth.

Empowering Your Road Warriors Amid Driver Shortages

The American Trucking Association sounds the alarm, reporting a shortage of over 80,000 drivers in the industry. This number is poised to rise, given that many current truck drivers are nearing retirement. The driver shortage issue stems from various factors, with one critical concern being driver compensation.

Truck drivers often spend exhausting hours on the road, including substantial waiting times for cargo loading and unloading. Surprisingly, most freight companies pay drivers solely for their active driving hours, neglecting compensation for these lengthy waiting periods. This payment structure frustrates drivers who believe they should be fairly paid for all their time behind the wheel. Furthermore, some businesses utilize commercial vehicle lease-purchase agreements, ostensibly allowing drivers to own their trucks while gradually paying for them. However, these agreements often favor the company's interests over the financial well-being of the drivers, leading many to exit the industry.

To attract and retain drivers, companies must take proactive measures. Addressing the compensation issue is vital, but it goes beyond that. Covering medical expenses, fuel costs, and paying drivers for waiting times are essential steps. Creating a supportive and engaging work environment is equally crucial, given the fierce competition for experienced drivers. Rival firms might try to lure your drivers away with enticing offers, making it imperative to ensure your drivers are content and committed.

Harnessing the Power of Free Load Boards

Imagine having a reliable team of truck drivers, but the demand for goods to transport exceeds their capacity. In such situations, free load boards emerge as valuable allies. These platforms effortlessly connect freight businesses with available truck drivers and trailers with spare hauling capacity. You simply need to post your job description on these platforms to find a suitable driver quickly.

Platforms like FC BigRoad Freight offer these services, although choosing the right platform is crucial. Consider factors like user experience and the quality of transporters available, as they can significantly impact your experience. Beyond mere connections, some platforms also facilitate payments between businesses and drivers, while others introduce competitiveness by presenting multiple drivers willing to take on your load, each with their rates.

To maximize the benefits of these platforms, provide comprehensive job descriptions, including cargo details, size, quantity, and delivery timelines. Clear expectations can reduce conflicts and foster better relationships with drivers, leading to long-lasting partnerships.

Question 3: What criteria should freight companies consider when choosing a load board platform, and how can they optimize their job listings to attract the best drivers?

Beating Container Shortages with Strategic Planning

Container shortages remain an ongoing challenge in the industry. A trucking company's ability to transport freight depends on both the availability of drivers and containers. While most freight businesses do not manufacture containers themselves, they rely on rentals or purchases when the need arises. The pandemic led to a temporary halt in container production, and when global economies gradually reopened, the trucking industry experienced a rapid resurgence, resulting in an unprecedented demand for containers.

To ensure your business isn't caught off guard by container shortages, proactive planning is essential. If possible, procure extra containers by negotiating with local manufacturers for favorable deals. Consider reserving containers well in advance, and even distribute them to your business's suppliers. Having a well-thought-out plan in place and ample container reserves will help you weather supply shortages and maintain operational efficiency.

In the dynamic world of freight trucking, where challenges and opportunities coexist, innovation becomes the compass guiding your journey to success. Whether it's creating driver-centric work environments, harnessing load board platforms, or proactively addressing container shortages, freight companies must adapt and innovate to thrive in this fast-paced industry. As the global freight transport industry gains momentum, those who embrace innovation will lead the race towards prosperity.

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