6 Best Apps for Drivers

If you often drive your truck or RV across the roads of the USA, this blog can be the best thing you have read of late. We understand that driving is a responsible act. You need to oblige the traffic rules and regulations. Besides, drivers in trucks and RVs are also required to safeguard their journey. In this tech-savvy world, many apps are available to make life easier for us. So, can drivers also leverage some of these apps? Well, why not?

This blog enlists the top 6 apps truck and RV drivers can use to make their journey enjoyable, safe, and convenient. Scroll down to know more!


1. Google Maps

This one app undoubtedly has to top the chart. Whether you drive a truck or are holidaying in an RV with your family, Google Maps can make your life easier. The app helps you navigate through different localities in the simplest way possible. It has different modes, such as terrain and satellite views. You can also switch on the audio and follow the instructions while keeping your eyes on the road. Google Maps also indicates traffic-jammed areas and shows alternate routes.


2. Roadtrippers

Are you planning your first-ever family trip in an RV? Fret not, as Roadtrippers has got you covered! This phenomenal app lets you plan your road trips like a pro on your smartphone. From suggesting ideal locations to visit to letting you know about nearby restrooms, accommodations, places of sightseeing, and so much more, this app does it all for you. With this app on your phone, you will never feel lost in an unknown place. Roadtrippers does not only shower you with options but also lets you make a full-proof road trip that is safe and full of fun. It serves just like an experienced guide accompanying you on your road trips.


3.  Gasbuddy

This innovative app lets drivers know about the cheapest gas prices and the locations where they are available. Gasbuddy can help both truck and RV drivers save a lot of their hard-earned money. With this app, you can easily save money in your bank and not your vehicle tank! Crazy right? Don’t forget to install Gasbuddy before you hit the road in your truck or recreational van.


4.  Plugshare

This one is for all those drivers who drive electronic vehicles. Plugshare lets you locate EV charging stations conveniently. It is a map of EV charging stations where you can see customer reviews, photographs, and some amazing charging tips for your electronic truck or RV. The app is connected to a vast EV community with whom you can share your concerns and queries. This app on your phone can save you from unnecessary hassles and delays in your journey.


5.  MileIQ

This one is extremely helpful for truck drivers who drive for commercial purposes. With this app installed on your smartphone, you can track the mileage of your truck. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and lets you swipe through different options. The app keeps running in the background of your phone and automatically tracks your truck's mileage. When you are not driving for commercial purposes, simply swipe left to switch to personal usage. 


6.  Spotify

Road trips get all the more memorable when you also add the right music. Enjoying the scenic beauty out of the window while listening to your choice of music can heighten your road trip experience. And Spotify here plays a crucial role. It has assorted music collections from all genres- hip-hop, evergreen, romantic, EDM, etc. This online music streaming app works perfectly with the right network coverage. It lets you download your favourite songs on your device and listen to them offline. Extremely easy to use, Spotify enjoys a huge fan base.

Wrapping up!

These apps on your phone will make your road trips memorable, safe, and comfortable. So before you set out on your truck or RV for your next destination, make sure you download all these apps.