6 Real-Time Tips To Decrease Rising Fleet Maintenance Costs

The right guide for fleet managers across the USA

Not being able to manage your fleet maintenance cost can impose detrimental effects on the overall business. As much as fleet managers enjoy handsome salaries or turnovers, we know how hard it is to actually withstand the job role with utmost proficiency as you are responsible for tons of things simultaneously. 

Well, in our series of articles intended to uncomplicate fleet managers' lives, we are bringing you yet another piece of information that will bring you across not just 1 but 6 ways to manage the rising fleet cost practically and constructively. 

Let’s dig into it.

  1. Evaluate the total cost of ownership

Spend some time on the tally sheets and determine the TCO so that you can draw a data-driven decision based on both variable and fixed costs. This practice will support you in making better strategies and commitments by allowing you to track the assets and control variable cost elements.


  • Fixed cost elements include: licenses, permits, rents, EMIs, lease payments, depreciation index and more. 
  • Varying cost elements include: salaries, fuel, vehicle maintenance, regular replacement and dry-cleaning of truck mattresses, road tolls, etc.


  1. Track fuel consumption: The solution to rising fuel costs is not in your hands, but you can determine the cost-per-mile to predict tentative fuel expenses for the quarter and compare the mileage of various trucks. Also, ensure regular cleaning as it will get rid of oil, dirt, grease, and grime, which adds to aerodynamic drag, subsequently increasing fuel consumption.


  1. Happy and healthy fleet: This may sound absurd to you, but an unhappy and unhealthy fleet will indirectly add more to the maintenance cost. One, they will not adhere to the fuel-saving policies as they are not emotionally connected to your business. Secondly, you will have to have surplus drivers on board because of their irregular presence owing to fatigue and sleep deprivation.


To resolve this, you should indulge in candid chat sessions and consider their feedback. Plus, to keep them happy, replace their regular and uncomfortable mattresses with Kogler's Antimicrobial and Anti-odor Performance Flippable Mattress that are fluid proof, durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. They also extricate you from the cost of regular replacement and dry cleaning of truck bed sleeping mattresses.


  1. Avail benefits from fleet discounts: If you are a part of a structured maintenance program, then you get the opportunity to come across the network prevailing across states with decreased rates. Practicing the drill can bring down the varying cost by 8% to 15% or even more.


  1. Keep a regular check on the inventory: Over 33% of the cost associated with vehicle repairing and maintenance comprises replacing parts. The challenge comes due to an imbalance when the surplus parts are stocked up in abundance and are not getting consumed for long; it not only costs you money but also occupies space. The most hassle-free way is to leverage advanced level software for keeping a check on the inventory. 


  1. Deploy tech-based solutions: Use the cloud-based fleet management software that aids in monitoring and controlling many aspects of running a truck company and utilises the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning to spot loopholes and offer real-time solutions for:


  • Fuel usage
  • Salary/ wage management
  • Inventory check
  • Checks on regular vehicle services and repairing
  • Fleet allocation
  • Finance management and bookkeeping

All these solutions will further decrease the fleet manager’s workload whilst giving you the liberty to be self-sufficient. This subsequently allows you to downsize the human resource involved in manually updating and controlling the above tasks, which will eventually help in lowering the expenses by a good fraction. 


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