All About The Charity Programs For Truck Drivers In The USA

Truck drivers in the USA are becoming the inevitable source of transportation of goods and services, and with the frequent show-up of Covid waves, the demand is soaring. Well, this isn't a hidden truth that as much as we consider them the lifelines of freight, there are no concrete means of securing their rights. But thankfully, there are a few non-government organizations that are doing much more than just running the #ThankADriver hashtag on social media.

In our series of blogs that are associated with the lives of truck drivers and fleet managers, we are bringing you yet another informational piece that is all about 4 organizations that are available for supporting truck drivers in the USA. So, if you are also looking for similar selfless people, then carry on reading our blog till the end.

1.  Trucker Charity

Running under the president Mr. Lance Wood, the Truck Charity began in the year 2010. Since then, it has been financially assisting the ones involved in the business of trucking. They run life coaching and mentoring programs that aid in maintaining their mental and financial wellbeing. 

The Trucker Charity team aims to be good stewards of people money and assist the truck industry people in flourishing with support and education. You can seek their support in problems related to mechanics, truckers and, of course, the family members.

2.  Women in Trucking Association (WIT)

As the trucking industry holds many hindrances for women drivers, as less as 7.8% of the total truck drivers of the USA are female. This non-profit and non-government organization aims at bringing gender diversity to transportation by minimizing the barriers that are stopping women from taking up this field.

Some of the significant challenges that WIT is envisioning to get rid of are flexible work arrangements, work-life balance and fair compensation. The Girl Scout Patch program is meant for encouraging the trucking business owners to welcome the entry of women drivers more amicably and positively. With members like Roberta McKenna, who is one of the few women in the company who deals with the transportation of hazardous and lethal substances across the states, WIT has connected with over 1600 female drivers. 

LeadHERtrucking is a leadership and mentoring program offered by the team of Women in trucking Association. In this, the fresh drivers are connected with experienced ones for 10 months so that they can learn about the ways to manage and adapt to the new environment.

3.  Trucking Cares Foundation  (TCF)

This is actually carved out of the American Trucking Association or ATA that, is intended to promote safety among truck drivers while also ensuring the security and sustainability of the roads connecting cities and states. The TCF team majorly assists the members in the management of the human resource and offers support during calamities. They are also actively involved in the anti-human trafficking movement. Simultaneously TCF is working on improving the industry’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.

Presently, they are supported and backed up by 20+ volunteers and 650,000+ donators. In their Water4Texas Disaster Relief Effort program, TCF has delivered 24 loads of water which adds up to more than 2 million bottles. 

4.  Meals for 18 Wheels

They offer free food to drivers across the United States. Drivers can send the message between 6 AM to 10 PM CST, and the details will be forwarded to the concerned team member for that location. The entire process runs through the Facebook page, and the idea is to make the process easy. 

However, they are only serviceable to drivers who are stuck in an emergency situation like a broken down vehicle.