Electronic Gadgets Every Trucker Needs

Spending a lot of time on the road and away from home, truckers are used to use different kind of electronic gadgets every day, in order to improve their life quality on the road. 

This is our selection of Must-Have electronic gadgets: 

Bluetooth Headset

One of the most popular must-have gadgets for truck drivers is the Bluetooth headset. When someone is on the road, they need a way to take calls without using their hands.

When it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth headset, look at its features. Some have a long battery life but have horrible audio quality and vice versa. So be careful about what you're paying for. 

Dash Camera

Dash and truck cameras, otherwise known as dash cams, drive cams and other similar names, allow constant real time recording of your vehicles travels. This allows the recording and playback of events, including accidents or near misses, which can assist with insurance claims and liability. Make sure whichever one you purchase has HD recording and features a wide-angle lens.

Item Tracker

As a trucker, the most important thing in the world is the keys.  However, keys are small and tend to get lost easily. With an item tracker, you'll never lose your keys anymore and stop spending ages in looking for them. 

Once activated via a smartphone app, this device gets hooked onto a set of keys, stuck in a wallet or placed on, in or near any item that gets misplaced often. That’s it! Then, whenever the said item the tracker is attached to is lost, it can easily be located using a smartphone. 

WiFi Booster | Hotspot

Truck drivers often use their phones and electronics at truck stops where there is free WIFI. However, sometimes the WIFI doesn’t extend to where the truckers are parked. If you want to make the WIFI reach your cab, consider purchasing a WIFI booster, which will amplify the signal.

If you’d rather have WIFI wherever you go, consider purchasing a WIFI hotspot from either your cell phone provider or via a pay-as-you-go service. It will cut down on your phone bill and let other electronics, like laptops and dash cams, to connect to the internet as well.