Enjoy a Healthy And Happy Fleet Of Drivers With Our Antimicrobial & Anti-Odor Performance Flippable Mattress


No matter what profession you are in, it is a must to have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours in a day. Improper sleep leads to fatigue, depression, diabetes, skin damage, obesity and whatnot!

So, if you are a truck fleet manager, you can imagine how detrimental it can be for your drivers if they don't get adequate sleeping conditions. This involves a bug and mosquito-free cabin and a good quality mattress. As per a report released by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), a total of 580 large truck crashes were reported in Texas in 2020, whereas NHTSA reported 4,134 fatal truck crashes in the entire USA. 

Statistics like these make it even more important that truck fleet managers keep a regular check on their drivers' sleeping environment and offer them the best support possible.

Problems Arising Due To Uncomfortable Bed Truck Mattresses

As a fleet manager, you must have heard your team of long haul drivers complaining about the following medical issues:

  • Drowsiness: It is obvious to feel low on energy if you do not get sufficient sleep for many days. This will hamper the performance of the driver, which will consequently be wrong for the company too. 

  • Constant back and neck pain: If the truck mattresses are too firm or too soft, the drivers will get back and neck pain. This is because they start sleeping in unnatural positions, which adds strain.

  • Obesity: Inadequate sleep doesn't let your digestive system perform at its best, making you gain weight.

  • Lung and throat irritation: This is the most common health-related issue found. This is due to microbes and mildew contained in old mattresses. 

We at Kogler, have extended our hand by bringing in high-quality mattresses that are clinically designed and proudly made in the USA. Our Antimicrobial & Anti-Odor Performance Flippable Mattress is one of the highest selling products; so, let's know about this in detail. 

Features Of Our Antimicrobial And anti-odour Flippable Mattress

  • Long-lasting
  • Antimicrobial and anti-odor fluid-proof cover
  • Does not absorb odor from smoke and cooking
  • Anti-mold and anti-mildew
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Replacement covers are available for purchase
  • The flippable feature allows you to choose between the firm or soft side. 
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in multiple sizes; 
  • 72"L x 36"W x 6"H
  • 80"L x 32"W x 6"H
  • 80"L x 36"W x 6"H
  • 80"L x 39"W x 6"H
  • 80"L x 42"W x 6"H
  • 80"L x 38"W x 6"H

Who Should Invest In Our Antimicrobial and anti-odour Flippable Mattress

If you are a fleet manager who has heard their staff complaining about one of the above-listed health issues, you must try it once. The best part lies in the fact that our products offer much more value than just taking care of your truck drivers' sleep. 

Read below to know all the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Get rid of overhead dry cleaning charges: We understand how truck mattress dry cleaning charges can bend down your profit margins. That's why we have used advanced technology which makes it easy to clean.

All you need is a simple disinfectant, water and a cleaning sponge. Imagine how much money you can save annually if none of the mattresses goes for dry cleaning!

  • Flaunt your healthy team: The better they sleep, the healthier and livelier they feel. So, flaunt their attendance records and be the king of the industry as this will further ensure all the deliveries are made on time.

  • Improve the retention rate: The number of trucking and transportation companies is soaring every quarter. If you do not take good care of your team, someone else will. 

The flippable feature (to choose between firm and soft sides) will allow them to sleep under comfortable conditions. Moreover, the product resolves the issue of throat and lungs irritation as it is antimicrobial and free from mildew. 

  • Long-lasting investment: We know fleet managers find it challenging to cut off the undue costs, and this is where our comfortable truck mattresses come to your rescue. These are made using durable clinical foams for optimal pressure redistribution and a plush, comfortable night's sleep. 

Let's Wrap It

Kogler's Antimicrobial And anti-odour Flippable Mattress lets the fleet managers get rid of frequent replacement of the truck bed mattresses. Also, the product meets or exceeds standards for content, emissions, and durability. Visit the website to get the order in as less as 4 weeks.