Fleet Managers: How To Overcome Common Pain Points

Managing an entire pool of fleet is a challenging task. With so many operations and departments working together to run the truck company, it gets necessary to align them all in order to maintain the flow of activities. On closely observing the pain points pertaining to the job and responsibilities of a fleet manager, we thought of using our expertise to help resolve the top 4 problems.


1. Rising fuel costs

Cost management is the top priority of any business model. Fuel is one of the most reliable yet cost-varying sources for the functioning of the truck company; it gets unbelievably hard to keep up with the profit graphs. 

Well, the varying fuel prices are not in your hands, but you can reduce the idle time. It will offer double benefits by decreasing the wear and tear of your vehicles’ engines, which subsequently adds years to the lives of your trucks. You can also resolve this by laying down and communicating a fuel-expectancy policy. As per this, the drivers are subjected to running the vehicle under acceptable fuel practices. To take advantage, you need to ensure clear and direct messaging to each driver, especially the new joiners.


2.  Plunging retention rate

Drivers are the assets of any truck business, and their shortage can harm the entire flow of operations. One of the most common reasons to quit has been observed as the lack of proper sleeping conditions inside the truck cabins. Since the drivers have to cook inside the same tiny cube, the regular set of mattresses absorbs the food smell. They also tend to get too lumpy after a few months, which causes them cervical and migraine issues.

The best and the most feasible solution is to replace your regular set of mattresses with Kogler’s antimicrobial and anti-odor flippable mattresses. They do not emit a foul smell and resist the inhabitation of germs and microbes. Another attractive aspect is that it comes with a firm and soft sides, which allows the drivers to pick one as per their preference.


3.  On-time delivery

Committing and adhering to the deadlines is mandatory for every small and big business. Over two-thirds of the surveyed truck and transportation companies have been facing challenges with on-time delivery due to multiple reasons. Out of which, one of the common causes is miscommunication or no-communication with the drivers as they are mostly on the road. 

To overcome these challenges, it is advised to leverage the technology. There are several delivery terminals that let you send the job instructions directly and ensure that you get real-time updates while you are in the office. 

Another nodus is the inaccurate ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Today, clients are not satisfied with rough ETAs, and to be accurate; you can regularly monitor the traffic and weather conditions to commit a more precise time.


4.  Too many admin tasks

Spending hours in admin tasks leave you with no window for other activities and, most importantly, your personal space. Tasks like raising invoices or giving quotes can take a considerable time out of your schedule. Instead, you can deploy software and applications that make these tasks automated, accurate, fast and, above all, hassle-free. Moreover, you can save on the workforce that you might have hired for these chores.

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