Go Green on Your Truck with these Tips!

We all know about the importance - especially now - to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can. Even though is not possible to eliminate our impact at all, there are a few things everyone can do to reduce it. Do these five things and you’ll be on the way to eco-friendly trucking!

Plan your routes

If you need to take your load from point A to point B, plan how you’re going to do it. Getting lost means you’re using up unnecessary gas, which hurts the environment. It also means you have to fill up more often, which hurts your wallet.

Drive smarter

Did you know that if you filling up gas in the morning when the temperature is low, you’ll get more in your tank? This because fuel expands in the heat! So, if you need gas, try filling up in the morning.

Also, try to maintain a normal speed while on the highway. Stopping and starting make your engine work harder, meaning your truck will use more fuel.

Go paperless

If you weren’t one of the truckers made to follow the ELD mandate, consider logging your hours on the road on your phone instead. The average person in the United States uses about seven trees worth of paper per year!


This is something that everybody should do. Keep a separate bag on your truck to put paper and plastic: you'll realize how many of the products you use daily can actually be recycled instead of thrown away! You can generally find dropping off points for recycling in every truck station. 

Maintain your truck.

Might sounds surprising, but keeping your truck well-maintained makes it more environmentally sustainable. In fact, regular maintenance on a semi-truck reduces the amount of carbon monoxide emissions it produces. Keeping your engine air filter clean alone can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent!