How can Truck Drivers Stay Healthy; A No-Shortcut Guide

We know that being truck drivers, you’ve to stay on the roads for extended lengths of time. That’s why you find it challenging to give sufficient attention to your health and fitness. But it isn’t impossible, right?

Now, keep reading this blog if you’ve made up your mind to get on the track to a healthy lifestyle. We’re sharing 9 tips that’ll help you get started. 

Here Are 9 Effective and Practical Ways for Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy

1.Cook your own meal

Avoid processed and junk food as it’s fatty, high in calories, and cooked using poor ingredients. Cooking your food will help you maintain calories, and you can enjoy all your favorite dishes in a cleaner way. 

If you aren’t good at it, start by taking one step at a time; cook at least one meal of the day. Gradually, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to prepare all your meals. 


2.Get at least 8 hours of sleep

We can’t emphasize enough how important it’s to get proper sleep when you’re a long-haul truck driver. Make sure you’ve the right mattress that’s neither too lumpy nor too stiff. 

You can invest in Kogler’s wide range of truck and RV mattresses that are CertiPUR certified and claim to be odorless, anti-mildew, and stain-resistant. Moreover, they’re super easy to clean; this means no overhead dry-cleaning charges. 


3.Stay hydrated

Many health issues are the result of dehydration. So, keep sipping water. Ideally, you should be consuming 8-10 glasses of water daily.

We know it isn’t easy to build such habits, so start with 4-5 glasses a day, and within no time, your brain will begin generating reminders to sip some water. Also, instead of glasses, get yourself a gallon water bottle.



It’s completely fine if you aren’t able to exercise daily.  Don’t leave your workout for the end of the day, as you'll be too tired by then. Instead, schedule it as first thing in the morning. 

This way, there will be lesser instances of missing it, and you’ll feel energetic throughout the day. You can start with a 15-20 minute brisk walk


5.Improve your posture

Long-haul truck drivers often complain about sciatica, a pain caused by compression of the spinal nerve root in the lower back. The best solution to this problem is Kogler’s RoadCloud Truck Seat Cushion, which comes with G35 cooling gel technology. 

The product is clinically designed with dual-density layers for continuous support, proper alignment, and pressure distribution.

In addition to getting a truck seat cushion, keep your seat high to avoid slouching. Also, remember to adjust your seat regularly.


6.Ditch stimulants

Stimulants like coffee, tea, and cocoa are abundantly used throughout the trucking industry. As much as they keep you active and awake, they take a big toll on your physical and mental health. Moreover, they tend to dehydrate your body.

So, avoid these short-term artificial energy boosters, and instead start listening to your body when it needs rest. Overburdening yourself will have severe repercussions in the long run.


7.Maintain a healthy BMI level

Weight management is vital irrespective of your profession. Eating junk and processed food, sitting for long periods, and stress can increase weight.

Start managing your calorie intake to get rid of those extra pounds. If needed, consult a professional dietitian or nutritionist to understand how many calories you need in a day. Also, diarize or memorize the number of calories present in your regular food items like milk, eggs, chicken, cookies, bread, veggies, pasta, etc.


8.Don’t skip your fruit bowl

Fruits are the powerhouse of fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and antioxidants. Have a big bowl of your favorite fruits each day to stay fit and healthy. Also, they are low in calories, so they are the perfect alternative to unhealthy midday snacks.

But be mindful that you don’t overdo it as fruits are the source of sugar. Plus, never replace your meals with a fruit bowl to lose weight; fad diets are never sustainable.


9.Be mindful of your macros

 Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are considered macronutrients. They provide energy, prevent diseases, and allow the body to function properly. 

Consult a professional dietitian or nutritionist to understand how much of each you need in a day. Eating a disproportionate amount of macros leads to various types of imbalances in the body.  

Final Thoughts

Truck drivers lead a very unhealthy lifestyle which causes them severe health issues in the long run. You can start by consuming sufficient water and sleeping for 8 hours at night. Cooking your own food will help you eat in a mindful manner that’ll add days to your life. Remember, there’s no shortcut to a healthy lifestyle.