How to Avoid Distracted Driving

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

As per NHTSA, distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,142 lives in 2020. Distracted driving refers to any activity that diverts a driver’s attention. It includes talking on the phone, eating, listening to loud music, cognitive thinking, etc. Texting is stated as one of the most alarming distractions; those 5 seconds can cause you yours and your loved ones’ lives. 


Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving


1.  Don’t Use Your Cell Phones At All

Drivers often have a bad habit of using their phones for texting, navigation, taking calls, changing music, etc. These activities may look harmless at first, but they distract you for a few seconds, which can have severe repercussions. You can also be ticketed or fined for breaking traffic and safety laws.

So, you must set the navigation before you start driving. Put your cell phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and pull off the road to take urgent calls. 


2.  Pull off the Road if You Feel Drowsy

It’s good to stretch your limits a bit, but not when it can risk your life. So, don’t drive if you are feeling sleepy or drowsy. Simply pull off the road till you feel better or call for help if needed. As per a report, drowsiness increases the risk of accidents by 4 times. A study also stated that almost 37% of U.S. drivers have nodded off or actually slept at least once.


3.  Limit the Number of Passengers and Level of Activity

Most states prohibit teenage passengers in the car during their first few months of driving solo.  This is because it can create an unsafe environment and cause distractions. So, limiting the number of passengers helps drivers focus on the road instead of other activities.


4. Don’t Eat While Driving

You often see people eating while driving; this seems harmless at first, but it’s actually not. Food spills are a major distraction. It’s suggested that you finish your food before starting the drive.


5.  Avoid Multi-Tasking

Anything that occupies your mind can distract you from concentrating on the road. So, finish your calls, makeup, hairdo, and other tasks before stepping out. These small distractions can cause big damage in the long run. 


6.  Secure Kids and Pets

Make sure your kids are tucked properly in the seat and pets are secured at the back of your car. Moving kids and pets can divide your attention and lead to mishappenings. 

Final Thoughts

Road accidents can be prevented if drivers are fully concentrated on the road. So, you must avoid eating, speaking on the phone, and multitasking. It’s better to get off the road if you aren’t feeling active enough to drive. This will keep you and your fellow passengers safe.