How to be a Sustainable Transportation Company

As much as US’s transportation industry contributes to its economy, it’s also accountable for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions. All this is leading to drastic global climatic changes, causing issues like extreme weather, food supply disruption, smog, pollution, wildfires, etc. Thus, there’s an immediate need for the transportation industry to adopt green practices that will minimize carbon footprints through sustainable logistics. 

Also, surveys have shown that 88% of customers are inclined toward the idea of associating with ethical and eco-friendly businesses. This is valid for all business models. 

The Necessity to Go Green

Businesses that are investing in sustainability are expected to become more profitable in the near future as they will be saving on a lot of elements. Buying eco-friendly trucks decreases fuel cost by $750 for every 15,000 miles, which can be substantial for any transportation company, irrespective of the size. Moreover, electric vehicles have a low maintenance costs.

Sustainable investment is becoming another popular business trend as shareholders are interested in contributing to it. You may also qualify for additional benefits like tax credits and special refueling cards. 

6 ways to be a Sustainable Transportation Company

Transportation business owners must make alterations to both material and operations involved in managing the day-to-day work. You must reflect on the fact that minor changes can have a long-lasting impact on the overall carbon footprints the industry is generating.

High-Efficiency Vehicles

If you have sufficient capital to switch to high-efficiency vehicles, then it’s the best step toward a sustainable transportation company. You can replace your old trucks with electric or hybrid ones. If fully electric is not in your budget, you can go for trucks with higher fuel efficiency ratings and emission sensors. 

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Switching to Efficiency Software

Adopt the latest technology that will align best with your efforts to go green. They streamline the workflow and automatically chase methods to minimize carbon footprints. There are software that can track your company’s performance based on social and ecological factors to evaluate the sustainability quotient of your transportation business. 

You must use tools to optimize the best routes for fuel efficiency and vehicle longevity. Also, if you still rely on soft copies for documentation, it is time to upgrade to hard copies. This will not only save paper but your efforts and time too. 

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking includes having the real-time location of each vehicle on the road and optimizing the shortest yet safest routes. This practice will cut down on fuel consumption and overall carbon emission. Moreover, you can keep track of vehicle idling- one of the biggest mistakes that add to unnecessary emissions. Fleet tracking can aid in avoiding traffic jams as well. 

Regular Maintenance

Your fleet’s overall health depends on the stress that its usage will have on the environment. Regular maintenance keeps your trucks fit for a long time and saves money.  Ignoring minor mechanical issues can lead to reduced performance and productivity.

From an environmental perspective, trucks running with undetected and ignored maintenance issues are less sustainable. They are prone to destroying the environment by releasing poorly filtered gases and oils.

Sustainable Packaging

Depending on what your transportation company offers services, you can choose sustainable packaging options. Try opting for materials like old newspapers, cardboard, cloth, recycled plastic, etc.

Eliminate the use of single-use plastics in packaging as they are non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment.

Rewarding Drivers Contributing to the Go Green Efforts

Set monthly rewards for drivers who contribute to sustainable practices like fuel management, route optimization, no idling, etc. This will keep them motivated towards this aim and make you a green transportation company. 


As transportation and logistics traffic is increasing in the country, carbon footprints are growing too. As business owners, it’s your responsibility to practice more eco-friendly methods. You cab start by switching to electric vehicles and using software for route optimization. It’s vital that you ensure your drivers are taking routes that are short, safe, and traffic-free to save fuel. 

Also, ditching the use of single-use plastic for packaging and regular maintenance of the trucks can help you go green.