How to Clean Your RV Tips and Tricks

As you hit different roads and terrains, your RV goes through a lot. This makes it smelly, dusty, and dirty. So, as much as you are obsessed with cleaning and mopping your homes regularly, you have to be with your temporary home too! RVs are prone to bug infection, filter logging, clod accumulation, water clogging, stubborn stains, and more. 

What are 9 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your RV Shiny?

RVs are much smaller than homes, but it is still complicated to clean them due to space and resource constraints. Thus, we have brought you 9 tips and tricks to keep them tidy. 

Use an RV Friendly Car Wash

Often RV parks don’t allow campers to wash their vehicle in the campground. So, an RV-friendly car wash would be a good choice, especially if you are planning to clean the exterior. 

Don’t Forget the Mattress

Mattresses soak smoke and food fumes, releasing a foul odor in the van. Also, they become home to mold and mildew if not taken care of. You can get them dry-cleaned regularly, but this can be heavy on your pocket. The best way is to invest in Kogler’s Road Cloud RV Mattress, which is super easy to clean; all you need is water and disinfectant. 

Prioritize Cleaning your Bedroom

Clean all the windows, walls, and doorways as they tend to accumulate dirt. Take out the bedding and give it a good shake; if possible, you can keep them in the sun for a few hours. If you are about to start a new trip, then you must consider washing whatever has been in the storage; however, if you are cleaning in the middle of a trip, you can simply fold and put the items back. Also, don’t skip vacuuming the under-the-bed storage compartment to get rid of dirt and mildew.

Bathroom Cleaning can be Tricky

Wipe off the walls using a scrub or cotton cloth and a disinfectant. Using a garden hose to spray down the tank can make the job easier. Spray and wipe off all the surfaces and fixtures like windows, bathtub, mirrors, cabinets, toilet, knobs, pipes, faucets, etc., using a non-abrasive disinfectant.

Don’t Skip Towing Components

If you have a towing component, then use a grease rag after each trip. A water-soluble cleaner helps you degrease and remove road grime effortlessly. Once it’s dry, use a dirt-repelling lubricant.

Air Vents and Filters are Important

Air vents and filters tend to accumulate dust, debris, food crumbs, etc., over time. We agree it would take extra time and effort to remove the covers and clean them, but clodding can have severe repercussions while you are on the road. Dirty and clogged air filters slow the air circulation, making it hard to breathe and can trigger allergies. You can remove the lid and wash vents and filters using a hose pipe to get fresh air.

Be Careful with Awning

The exterior is as important as the interior, and awnings are an important exterior element of an RV as they are subjected to road griming, tree sapping, and amassing dirt. You must be careful while wiping them off, as most of them have a plastic coating to repel water absorption and discourage the growth of mold. This coating can be chipped off if you rub aggressively, impacting its longevity. 

We encourage the use of cleaning products that are gentle yet effective. Also, avoid using a hose pipe for this part. 

Water and Vinegar can do Wonders

Just mix equal parts of vinegar and water to clean almost everything. The combination is acidic in nature, thus helping to cut through grimes and lose dirt quickly. 

The kitchen can be Time Consuming

Start by decluttering the cabinets and throwing away everything that has gone stale or expired. Next, clean the microwave, counter, stove, chimney, sink, fridge, oven, storage boxes, etc. In the end, you must take notes for maintenance issues or needed supplies. 


RVs are home to many people, and they can get smelly, dusty, and grimy if not cleaned regularly. It’s important to take time to clean all the bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, mattresses, windows, awnings, etc. You can dilute vinegar in equal parts of water to create your own disinfectant that can help you lose the grin.

Kogler’s Road Cloud Mattress can make this drill a lot easier by removing the stress of regular dry cleaning. Plus, they are available in 17 size options, and you can also place customised orders.