How to Replace Your RV Mattress?


Isn't it fun to have a moving house? Like quite literally 'a moving house'!

Yes, we are talking about the adventurous concept of living in RVs or recreational vehicles. But sometimes, things don't go well, and sleepless nights are one of them. Often people find it hard to find the right RV mattress which results in inadequate sleeping hours.

Lack of proper sleeping conditions ends up giving you health issues like hypertension, obesity, anxiety, diabetes, heart attack, lower sex drive, etc. So, what is the ideal solution? Well, keep reading till the end to know answers to all your RV mattress problems.

Why RV MAttresses Suck?

You often hear stories about poor-quality material that only gives discomfort and becomes lumpy after a few days. Generally, they are manufactured out of cheap stuffed foam, sandwiched into layers and giving you a chronic backache. They just feel like soft plywood and nothing like comfortable mattresses, thus making your mornings unpleasant. 

So, instead of spending sleepless nights and painful mornings, invest in Kogler's wide range of RV mattresses at pocket-friendly rates. They are designed using two layers of temperature-stable Clini-Foam™, exclusively used in the medical industry for people with sensitive skin issues.


Well, there isn't a list of standard sizes when it comes to RV mattresses. This is simply because of the fact that RVs vary in terms of size, and these days people have started converting their old vans into campers. Thus, there is a need to have an option of customization to get the right one.

Why Are Some RV Mattresses Uncomfortable?

Usually, RV mattresses require a lot of engineering in determining the correct depth, quality, design, layout, etc. So, in order to cut costs, manufacturing companies use tactics that make mattresses quite uncomfortable. 

To skimp out, they manufacture them with a poor quality form that breaks down after a few days. It consequently starts to offer little or no support, giving you severe backaches. Moreover, they use harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation, breathing issues, and even release smelly fumes.

How to Measure

Follow these points before placing an order for Kogler's customized RV mattresses:

  • Measure your RV bed from one side to the other to know the right mattress width.
  • Then, measure it from top to bottom to find what's the ideal length you should place an order for.
  • Lastly, measure its vertical height or depth. Ensure it's not too high because you obviously don't want to get sandwiched between the roof and your bed, right?

Team Kogler knows the importance of placing the right RV mattress size in a confined space; hence we offer you the freedom to place customized orders. 

Why Kogler's RV Mattresses are Best for You?

Our expert team has carefully curated premium quality RV mattresses to offer you optimum comfort, durability, and satisfaction. Here are the top reasons that'll convince you to place your orders at the earliest.

  • Made using the temperature-stable Clini-Foam™: This medical-grade technology makes it free from stickiness and dampness, preventing the spread of a musty RV odor and many diseases. 

  • Cushiony comfort: The double-layered 8-inch cushion gives proper support to your back and improves hunchback posture. 


Most RV mattress manufacturers don't use the right engineering in designing and manufacturing it. They use porous foam that breaks easily and stops giving proper support to your back after a few days.

Visit Kogler's official website to place orders for customized RV mattresses that are made using medical-grade foams.