How to save on buying a truck mattress every time you hire a new driver?

Trucking companies once they hire a new driver it’s a must to buy a new mattress for their new employees. But this is a huge headache for the fleet manager who cares about reducing costs, increasing efficiency and focuses on the more important tasks then buying new mattresses every month.  

Changing the mattresses so often is because mattresses do absorb smoke, food, cooking and body odors that you have in the truck cabin. Also mattresses are fomites, and the perfect survival place for odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew… No one wants that rotten egg smell on their mattress, plus not when you are in that cabin for days, weeks or months and that is actually your home. 

We started with this in our mind: How to keep our truck drivers happy and comfortable at the same time management not to get crazy bills? 

We made durable comfortable mattress - The mattress looks and feels like new after months or years of use depending on the model. We built it to last! 

Next we had on our mind was the health of the drivers: How to get the mattress protected from all those odors and bacterias? 

That’s where our Antimicrobial and anti-odor fluid proof cover will take place. 

But that was not all to be fulfilled with only one mattress we realized that stains are also part of the problem. How to get rid of stains and to be reused for other drivers not just one? 

We made our covers stain resistant, easy to clean with a simple disinfectant wipe or soap and water. 

And on top of everything we made it to be CertiPUR certified, that means that it’s made without lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and other heavy metals. 

I bet you are wondering if this is actually a real mattress. But it is and it’s the Kogler’s Antimicrobial and Anti-odor PERFORMANCE truck mattress line features temperature-stable Clini-Foam for optimal pressure redistribution and plush, comfortable night’s sleep. With a patent pending antimicrobial cover that prevents fluid absorption, bacteria growth, mold, mildew and odors. 


About the Company

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Kogler is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of superior high-quality truck and RV mattresses.  The company’s goal is to ensure all truck drivers and RV owners wake up feeling well-rested and with reduced back pain – all without having to frequently replace their rig’s mattress.  

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