Opportunities for Veterans in the Trucking Industry

America’s trucking industry’s revenue is close to 212 billion dollars. However, it continues to stumble upon challenges like low retention rates and frequent recruitment drives. This is because the demand for trucks has increased significantly post the pandemic. 

To address this, Biden-Harris Administration has formed the Trucking Action Plan to Strength America’s Trucking Workforce. It’s intended to help and guide drivers in carving a successful career in the trucking industry. This initiative is a combined effort made by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Veteran’s Employment and Training Service with the White House and other federal agencies. They've worked to create a list of federal resources for transitioning service members willing to jump into the trucking industry.

Despite their trucking experience in the military, they’re considered promising candidates to take up this job. They get to utilize the discipline, sense of mission, teamwork, and loyalty learned during their service. It also offers them career security, growth, flexibility, and family-sustaining wages. Veterans can continue working by contributing efforts in another flourishing industry that's critical to their country's economy. 

4 Reasons Why Veterans Should Join the US Trucking Industry 

According to FTR Transportation Intelligence, the US trucking industry requires more than 300,000 qualified truck drivers, and veterans are considered among the most eligible candidates. Here are a few more reasons that can convince you to opt for this. 

Military Skills Overlap

Military people are good at technology, disciplined, hardworking, and motivated. All of these qualities are a must for truck drivers. Moreover, they already have experience working and managing heavy equipment. 

If you already own a commercial driving license, a lot of reputed trucking companies will count that time toward seniority. This means you won't be considered a fresher and will be paid well. There are several administration programs that can help you get a commercial driving license if you don't have one. 

GI Bill Covers Training

Many Post- 9/11 GI Bill-approved trucking schools give proper training, experience, and certifications.

Career Security

The US trucking and logistics industry has a shortage of qualified truck drivers and other staff. Moreover, with the advancement of technology and acceptance of online shopping trends, big eCommerce companies like Amazon want veterans to join the industry and fulfill the growing demand.

Good Pay and Additional Perks

According to a report released by the American Trucking Association, there has been a pay rise of 8% to 12% in recent years. It surpasses the national average of 2% y-o-y rise, and it’s anticipated to go higher. The annual income of a private driver is $90,000.

Skills Posses by Veterans That are Valued in the Trucking Industry

Veterans can fulfill the demand for long-haul truck drivers as they possess skills that are closely parallel to the ones required in the trucking industry. Let’s see what these are:

Situational Awareness

Truck drivers have to be careful about their surroundings to monitor weather changes, road conditions, and detours. All the qualities are already inculcated by military personnel during their service.

Logistical Efficiency

The trucking industry appreciates veterans’ abilities to behave efficiently and effectively while performing duty. Taking care of the best route and fuel consumption helps the company in cost management.