Product: RoadCloud RV Mattress

Say Goodbye to Painful and Sleepless Nights with RoadCloud RV Mattress

The idea of living in an RV sounds so fun and thrilling, but there are tonnes of problems associated with it. Right from the struggle of hunting down a restroom every morning to having tiny kitchen space, poor network connectivity, mattress issues, and whatnot! It’s all too much sometimes.

However, we at Kogler thought of resolving at least one of the problems- inadequate sleep due to uncomfortable mattresses. Yes, you got it right; we have sought a perfect solution with RoadCloud RV Mattress that offers great value for money. 

But are you one of those who still believe in using a regular bed mattress as an RV mattress? Well, then the next section is meant for you. 

Why Should You Stop Using Regular Mattresses in RVs?

We all need comfortable sleep, irrespective of profession, lifestyle, and age. So, here we are, bringing you 6 reasons to ditch your regular bed mattress and switch to our Customized RV Mattress for peaceful nights and blissful mornings.


Usual bed mattresses don’t fit well in the confined space of your recreational vehicle. You may even have to cut and adjust corners for that. 


Besides shape, size is another issue that makes it uncomfortable to sleep on bed mattresses in an RV. Usually, bed mattresses have standard sizes like twin, full, queen, super queen, king, and California king. 

However, on the other hand, our RoadCloud RV Mattress is available in 17 sizes and 2 cut-corner variations. Not just this, but you’re free to place customized orders. All you have to do is measure the bed space properly and call us; we will take care of the rest.


Needless to say, it is a persistent problem if you have simply replaced an RV mattress with a bed mattress. Household mattresses are too thick to fit in a compact trailer space, especially if they have pop-ups or a bunk bed. Trust us, you will feel like a sandwich between the two layers. 

Kogler’s RoadCloud RV Mattress comes with a ready-made 6-inch thickness, but you can have it customized as per your space and preference. 


Depending upon the size, shape, and material used, the overall weight of the mattresses varies a lot. Standard bed mattresses weigh somewhere between 55 pounds to 180 pounds which is indeed too heavy for a tiny vehicle. 

Thus, we have a team of experts who design the RV mattresses in accordance with all the factors. Our RoadCloud RV Mattress can be easily moved in a camper or lifted up to bunk beds.

Premature Aging

Improper use of bed mattresses results in premature ageing. This worsens if you have to cut them to fit your space. Moreover, they are not built to withstand the rigours of being constantly on the go as environmental conditions fluctuate. 


Specialized RV mattresses are built with an adequate foam material that can withstand extreme temperatures, as opposed to the ordinary bed mattresses used as replacements. They can even bear the humidity found in the stored vehicles during off-seasons. 

Features of Kogler’s RoadCloud RV Mattress

  • Temperature Stable: Our experts have designed it using  Clini-Foam™, which offers optimum comfort at every temperature.  
  • Double-Layered: The two-layered build-up helps in immersion and envelopment of the body. This prevents back alignment issues which are common for people living in RVs.
  • CertiPuR Certified: The foam is made without VOCs, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals that are proven to cause respiratory and autoimmune health issues such as sleep apnea.
  • Premium Hypoallergenic, breathable and four-way-stretch cover to enhance comfort and reduce heat.
  • 6 inches thickness that won’t make you a sandwich between bed and roof.
  • It can hold up to 450 lbs.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.


Living in RVs can be painful if you don’t have proper sleeping conditions. That's why Kogler has brought a special RoadCloud RV Mattress that offers the right value for money. Now is the time to replace your regular bed mattresses and bring comfort to your trailer. Shop now at Kogler by choosing from 17 different sizes OR get in touch with SALES@KOGLER-USA.COM  to get your custom size