Release the Stress of Frequent Mattress Replacement with Kogler’s CertiPUR Certified Innerspring Mattresses Made in the USA

From domestic parcel deliveries to commercial transportation of goods, fleets have been the life-saver. But we wondered what goes behind that smooth flow of operations? Well, it’s the sheer hard work of fleet managers and countless wakeful nights of the truck drivers. As much as the fleet managers are awarded and rewarded for their administrative and logistics management skills, they often face the challenge of rising expenses associated with the frequent replacement of truck bed mattresses. 

Do you know, as per the trucking and transportation companies' surveillance report, almost 86% of fleet companies have reported complaints from the drivers that the mattress is too firm or too soft? Due to this, they spend many sleepless nights, which causes road accidents. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of USA, every year, 30-40% of heavy truck crashes result from a lack of concentration on the roads due to fatigue and sleepiness.

To address and resolve this challenge faced by the fleet managers across the country, we at Kogler, which is the only mattress manufacturer in the United States that is strictly dedicated to the trucking and transportation industry, has innovated yet another revolutionary product- The Innerspring Mattress. We are committed to helping the fleet managers with higher profit margins whilst offering comfort, safety and happiness to the driver with our range of truck bed sleeping mattresses.

Why is it necessary to place high-quality Kogler's Innerspring Mattresses in your trucks?

As a fleet manager, you would agree that happy and healthy drivers are the biggest asset you own; without their existence and participation, you cannot make even a penny. Continue reading to understand why is it necessary to keep your staff happy and healthy.

  • Accidents due to sleep deprivation and fatigue: As mentioned above, 30-40% of road accidents are a consequence of sleepy eyes, which causes a lack of concentration. This will hamper your driver's productivity and cause additional costs in getting the trucks repaired.
  • Falling retaining rate: Keeping up with the retaining rate is an issue for all businesses. However, you can resolve it to a great extent by replacing your regular and uncomfortable truck mattresses with our Innerspring mattress range. 
  • Difficulty in hiring a new driver: As per a report, almost 78% of truck companies have reported instances where potential drivers refuse to take up the job due to inappropriate mattresses.
  • Bad publicity across your industry: The game of word-of-mouth has the utmost potential to build or ruin your brand name. So, do not let that fall negatively on your business; the more satisfied your employees are, the higher is your reputation among the competitors.

Features of our Innerspring truck mattresses

  • 6” in thickness for providing utmost comfort.
  • ½” luxury firm quilt panel for added cushioning and pressure relief.
  • ½” comfort foam that gently contours the body to enhance cushioning.
  • 5.5" 390 Bonnell Innerspring helps ensure the right support and offers comfort.
  • ½" support foam that adds acts as an additional layer of support foam for firmness.
  • Tri-fold packing model for ease of handling.
  • Addition of a firm coil matched with a quilt package for durability.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

How Kogler's Innerspring Mattress Will Help The Fleet Managers?

We, at Kogler, are motivated to extricate the fleet managers from the overhead costs that come with frequent replacement of mattresses while also ensuring driver's health, happiness and above all, safety. All of our products are made in the USA and are CertiPUR certified, which is a mark of our quality-driven range of comfortable truck mattresses. Fleet managers can avail of the following set of benefits by investing in our Innerspring mattresses.

  • Cost-cutting: The expense related to frequent replacement and dry cleaning of the truck bed mattresses can be brought down by a considerable percentage.
  • Save on the workforce: With a healthy and happy staff, you can cut down on the supplement workforce you have been retaining for their substitutions. 
  • Lower attrition rate: By considering the health and perfect sleeping conditions of the drivers, the issue of the attrition rate will be resolved on its own. 
  • Employee-friendly company: Every one of us wants to be a part of an employee-friendly firm. So, replace your regular set of mattresses with our Innerspring comfortable truck mattresses and win all the appreciation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and place your orders at the earliest. We offer the facilities of customized sizes that can fit in your vehicle with no hassle.