Resources for Your Truck Company

More than 37.9 billion commercial trucks are registered in the United States. The trucking industry generated $732.3 billion in 2020, and the figures are taking a steep upward turn. Thus, it’s one of the most economically crucial industries of the country as it is associated with many ports for supplying goods across cities. 

That’s why there is a high scope for new trucking companies; however, starting one is not a piece of cake. You have to balance managing things at operational levels and ensuring you do not let opportunities slip off your hands. Many season truck drivers start their own trucking firm and fail badly as they lack strong business tactics.

So, we interviewed the CEOs and fleet managers of top trucking companies in the US. We compiled the top three most professional, economic, and advantageous resources required for a successful trucking startup. 

OTR Solutions

OTR Solutions help trucking companies with their non-recourse factoring program that are competent in terms of service, features, and benefits. Ever since its birth in 2011, it has been associated with small, medium, and large businesses and stands out as an alternative for factoring loads. Its USP is transparent pricing, customized programs, and no obligation to stick to long-term contracts.  

Their overall services have been in the good books of seasoned truck company owners. Customers appreciate their reputed and personally curated programs. It offers the following services:

  • Factoring can be used for recourse and non-recourse conditions.
  • Credit checks can be used 24/7.
  • Clients can easily generate invoices.
  • Clients can download an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • There are no minimum payment and volume criteria.
  • You will be assigned an account manager for handling cash flow and resolving all back-office queries. 


ICDriversList is an online directory consisting of contact coordinates of industry experts. The platform has a user-friendly interface to help you find the professionals you need within no time. The company focuses on developing a world-class platform so that every trucking company owner can access other services hassle-free.  You can seek a diverse list of drivers and companies.

ICDriversList bridges the gap between all facets of the transportation and logistics industry by including channels to enhance inter-industry communication and parameters. This veteran-owned company is more than just an online directory as it provides information enhancing networking and collaboration among trucking companies. This offers mutual benefits to all the parties involved in the process.

Their goal is to bring small, medium, and large scaled businesses together to nurture relationships while increasing exposure. Clients can choose between three membership levels with varying benefits like freight dispatcher, warehousing, supply chain, knowledge hub, promotions, classifieds, and other incentives. 

MyTrucker Pro

MyTrucker Pro is a free online platform used for the transportation and logistics industry. It was created to fulfill the shortcomings of social commerce websites by compiling all the services on a single platform. So, it was born out of necessity. You can associate with people in more than 100 languages, ranging from truck drivers to owner-operators, dispatchers, service providers, etc. Members can also create, share, and exchange information with fellow members on the same platform. 

Users can be a part of public or private groups to take part in discussions circling around the transportation and logistics industry. It’s also a marketplace where you can exchange equipment, job boards, and member partner benefits. Business owners can enjoy special features like advertising, language translation, networking, and partner savings. All these features combine together to empower users to gain exposure and communicate with people across the globe at any time of the day.

It allows new truck company owners to take control of their business and manage it the way they want. Its foremost aim is to offer partnership services to its members at a relatively low cost. 


Establishing a trucking business from scratch is challenging, especially when you are not from a business background. So, you can make your life easier by using a combination of the above-shared resources to make profits.