RV Mattress Materials: Foam, Innerspring, or Air? Understanding the Options

Foam, innerspring, and air are among the top 3 RV mattress options available in the market. Buying a mattress for a home is not the same as for your moving home. You will be driving all through the day, and getting a comfortable night's sleep is important for blissful mornings.

Going to a store and lying on mattresses for a few seconds or minutes won’t give the right impression; you need to do your own research and see what’s best for you and your RV companions. So, here we have gathered enough details about foam, innerspring, and air mattresses to help you make a sound decision. 

Top 3 RV Foam Mattress Types Explained here-

Shopping for a new RV mattress doesn't sound familiar to the normal one. And it might take you up to the gills until you find the right one. Answering the big question here which type of RV mattress should you choose from all the top options available? Have a quick go-through-

1. Foam RV Mattress

Foam or popularly called memory foam but actually comes in a variation of materials such as memory foam, multi-layered, or polyfoam. Primarily, it is segregated into types such as polyfoam, memory foam, and latex foam. Also, it can differ from features such as softness, firmness, affordability, and many more in the lane. 


  • The mattresses are excellent in conforming to good motion isolation. 

  • Also, the material is soft providing good support to the back.

  • In addition, if you have some sort of issues in the back areas, it provides pressure relief appropriately.

  • The budget depends on the variation you choose and the type of luxury you add to the phone mattress. 

  • This type of RV foam mattress is generally preferred and chosen by side sleepers.


  • Initially within a couple of days of setting up the foam mattress, there stays in an "off gas" period releasing an unpleasant & disturbing odour. It has coils or spring layers inserted to give a bouncy support to the back. 

  • Also, the variety of foam materials may be in terms of trapping body heat which might irritate your sleep

  • The foam mattress might not give you the whole bounce that you might be expecting from it

  • The budget might fit your pocket but if you opt for a luxury model that may overflow a little

2. Spring/Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring or spring mattress provides an underlying support layer with soft plush material to escalate the comfort level.


  • These are generally affordable and easy on the pocket

  • It provides firm support and fantastic air flow for a cooler sleep 

  • Further, if you are heavy on your weight then this suits you the best as it is bouncy & supportive enough


  • The spring can make it sag over time, especially in cheaper models and can even be noisy at times

  • It transfers more motion & mobility due to the innerspring inserted

  • The life or durability depends on the quality and features of the mattress you have selected

3. Airbed Mattress

As the name suggests, airbed mattresses are a whole parallel change that can refresh you up and repel from that bulky mattress. Further the revolutionary air bed mattresses are now differentiated upon their qualities and adjustability features as well. 


  • With an airbed mattress, you get adjustable firmness as that is packed with air and allows you to find comfortable and sound sleep.

  • Moreover, it is lightweight and compact which increases its feature of portability and no sagging attribute is a plus as well.

  • The price of new high-quality airbed RV mattresses is affordable and easy on your pockets. 


  • The lightweight feature can give a parallel direction as if the mattress comes in contact with a sharp object it can easily get off-on air or punctured and might not be able to be repaired again.

  • Also, the air might get off due to heavy weight or over-putting the bulky stuff on it.

  • It becomes a little noisy if you move a little here and there whilst causing you to experience disturbed sleep at times.

The Bottom Line-

Whether you search online on the web stores or even visit an offline store, choosing the finest one becomes the best pick of the bunch. Unlike regular beds, the RV mattresses selection process invariably finds basis on majorly the comfort level. But, choosing out of these top 3 might be a little accessible for you now with the familiarity of pros and cons for each.