RV Mattress Size Guide; Know What’s Best for You

RV mattresses differ from home or truck bed mattresses in terms of sizes, thickness, height, foam material, built, etc. They are shorter and narrower due to the limited cabin space. So, as much as you love the idea of traveling in a moving caravan, or we say a house-on-the-wheel, it’s quite challenging to manage everything in a small space with varying climatic conditions and always-on-the-go mood.  

But this blog aims to solve at least one of your issues- which is the right mattress for your recreational vehicle. Here we explain the standard sizes of RV mattresses available online and in stores. Usually, they vary from 28” x 75” to 35” x 79”.

Please keep in mind that we at Kogler offer you the ease to place customized orders as well. So, if you don’t want to pick the standard sizes, we are more than delighted to design something that fits your space in your desired way.

So, let’s jump into the main content and understand the different RV mattress sizes. 

RV Bunk

Bunk beds are super fun and space-savers, especially if kids accompany you. They are similar to a standard twin-size mattress for one sleeper and vary in terms of dimensions. Bunk bed mattresses are available in the following dimensions:

  • 28” x 75”
  • 30” x 75”
  • 30” x 80”
  • 34” x 75”
  • 35” x 79”

However, they might not be an ideal choice if you are tall. Otherwise, doubling the bed space with bunk beds makes the trip cozy and fun; plus, it helps siblings bond better.

RV Full

It’s one of the most common options available for RV mattresses, measuring 55” x 75”. RV full mattresses are ideal for single adult sleepers and offer the utmost comfort. Kogler has a wide range of RV mattress sizes, including full-sized mattresses. We let all our customers place customized orders for the best fit and comfort.


Three-quarter-size recreational vehicle mattresses are smaller than full-size mattresses but larger than twin and bunk ones. They are appropriate for smaller RVs or for the ones who prefer to have more room to walk. They are available in two dimensions:

  • 48” x 75”
  • 48” x 80”

It can accommodate a single adult sleeper or two kids. Kogler uses Certi-PUR certified foams that give you the utmost comfort and last long.

RV Short Queen

It’s narrower than a home’s queen mattress and is ideal for two adult sleepers. It gives enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably and without being clingy, leaving sufficient room to walk around. 

It measures 60” x 75”, which is just 5 inches lesser than the home queen mattress. 

RV Queen

RV queen mattresses are very common and most purchased because of their large size. They measure 60” x 80” and can accommodate two adults and a child. 

RV Short King

RV short king mattresses are 5 inches shorter than the standard RV king size mattresses. They are the perfect combination of spacious sleeping and cabin areas. This means you have enough space in the cabin to manage your other stuff and activities easily. Two adults and a child can be accommodated in an RV short king size mattress. 

RV King

An RV king size mattress is ideal if you are traveling with your family. It can accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. They are generally available in two size variants:

72” x 75”

72” x 80”

Some campers even have space to include two kings on either side, making it fun for an entire family to chill together. 

Eastern King

Eastern king RV mattresses measure 76” x 80”, allowing sleepers to upgrade their motorhome’s mattresses and bedding. This must be your ideal choice if you prioritize your comfort over anything.  

RV California King 

It’s lengthier but less wide than an eastern king mattress. A 72” x 84” RV California Mattress can accommodate two adults and a kid, or 4 kids, or 3 adults. 


Kogler offers a wide range of sizes when it comes to RV mattresses. From bunk to the king, queen, full, or even eastern king, we have everything under our roof. Do you know what’s better? We give our customers the liberty to place customized orders; all you have to do is take the measurements and give us a call!