Samsara adds new features to keep drivers safe and productive

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the challenges of the past few years, it’s how foundational the safety and productivity of drivers is to our collective wellbeing.

Samsara, a San Francisco-fleet management provider, has added some new features to its driver app, aimed to improve both safety and productivity.

In particular, the new features will include:

  • End-of-day workflows ensure drivers complete the right tasks in the right sequence before signing out for the day.
  • Linked third-party tasks make it easier for drivers to access different apps in a single workflow.
  • Multiple workflows help customize workflows to the needs of every driver.

As we can read in the company's blog, Ishan Tikku, the product manager at Samsara, says: “It’s important that the millions of drivers that keep our economy running each day are able to focus on the work at hand, not administrative tasks that take up valuable time and energy". 

Tikku said the newest features will allow companies to create full-day workflows for fleet drivers, from start-of-day routines to end-of-day checklists, guiding them through critical tasks at the end of their shifts.

“Whether it’s submitting a post-trip driver-vehicle inspection report, certifying logs or completing a custom health form, the driver app can automatically guide your drivers through each step when they sign out for the day,” Tikku said.

The newest features follow recent additions — Workflow Builder and App Designer — that were added to Samsara’s driver app in December 2020.

“Since we introduced Workflow Builder last year, hundreds of customers have customized and deployed workflows that guide over 16,000 drivers through their start-of-day routines every day,” Tikku said.