The Best Winter RV Trips in the US

Travelling is always fun, and it gets even more exciting in winter. You get to spot some of the best scenic spots with no chaos around. But what all are the places that can make an entry in your this winter’s bucket list? Let’s check out.

1.  Bar Harbor, Maine

Maine is famous for its sweeping ocean vistas, golden sunrises, and sunsets during the cold season. The place is not too crowded at this time, and you can explore attraction spots like La Rochelle Mansion and Museum, which was built in 1903 and is the largest state built on the shore of West Street. 

Not just this, but you can take your kids to Acadia, which is one of the top 10 national parks. If the conditions permit, you can indulge in off-season hiking, scenic drives, cross-country skiing, etc.


  • From New York: 486.6 mi via I-95 N
  • From Seattle: 3,317.1 mi via I-94 E and I-90 E
  • From Las Vegas: 2,987.1 mi via I-80 E
  • From Austin: 2,235.3 mi via I-40 E

    2.  Glacier National Park, Montana

    You can explore massive glaciers that shaped the land thousands of years ago. If you are inclined towards geography and ecology, you’ll love to be here and learn more about the impact of melting glaciers and how to decrease that.

    If you are keen on seeing hidden gems, you must take the unplowed sections of fluffy snow beyond the Lake McDonald Lodge that will take you to Going-to-the-Sun Road. This place is popular for winter cross-country skiing and snowshoe routes. It isn’t too difficult to find a safe and cozy spot to park your RV, and basic amenities like an on-site general store, laundry service, shower zone, etc., are easily available. 


  • From New York: 2,301.1 mi via I-80 W and I-94 W
  • From Seattle: 550.3 mi via I-90 E
  • From Las Vegas: 1,069.7 mi via I-15 N
  • From Austin:1,832.7 mi via I-25 N

    3. Palm Springs, California

    If you don’t want to escape into freezing locations but still need a winter getaway, then Palm Springs can be added to your list this year. The average winter temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a perfect spot to get sunkissed in the cold. So, get along with your travelling partners to immerse yourself in the fine art collection of photographs, glasswork, desert landscape paintings, Native American Textiles, etc. In February, the famous Fine Art Fair is organized, which displays mesmerizing artistic exhibits for thousands of visitors every year.

    Footgolf, which is a combination of soccer and golf, has its home near Palm Springs. You can enjoy this sport at The Lights at Indio Golf Course to flaunt your best shots.


  • From New York: 2,699.3 mi via I-40 W
  • From Seattle: 1,241.1 mi via I-5 S
  • From Las Vegas: 232.2 mi via I-15 N
  • From Austin:1,273.1 mi via I-10 E 

    4.  Utah’s National Park

    Utah’s National Park is full of adventures like hiking on strenuous trails like Angel’s Landing, Canyoning, skiing, etc. Drive for almost 2 hours to Bryce Canyon, where you will be mesmerized by the Bryce Amphitheater’s view. Everything will be snowy, and a short walk on the Rim Trail to Sunset Point will make it worthwhile. 


  • From New York: 2,123.1 mi via I-80 W
  • From Seattle: 1,135.6 mi via I-84 E and I-15 S
  • From Las Vegas: 159.6 mi via I-15 N
  • From Austin:1,048.2 mi via US-84 W 

    5.  Mount Bachelor, Oregon

    Mount Bachelor is 22 miles outside of Bend, Oregon. This picturesque land has 101 ski runs over 4,300 acres and is home to the highest skiable elevation in Oregon and Washington. It’s RV friendly and has electrical hookups available. However, the trail remains shut until the ski resort closes, which varies due to weather and snowfall for the season.


  • From New York: 2,803.2 mi via I-80 W
  • From Seattle: 348.7 mi via I-5 S and US-26 E
  • From Las Vegas: 840.3 mi via US-95 N/Veterans Memorial Hwy
  • From Austin:1,962.8 mi via I-84 W