Tips for Hiring Veterans as Truck Drivers

Military personnels find it challenging to blend back into civilian life after they retire. They look for options that best align with their skill sets, and trucking is indeed the right choice. They can become successful long-haul truck drivers because of their disciplined, hardworking, patient, and goal-oriented attitude. So, if you’re a trucking company owner, consider hiring veterans whenever you’ve vacancies.

But it’s better to learn a few things before hiring them; it’ll make the interviewing, onboarding, and on-job processes easier. Let’s see what you should do.

Use Existing Programs

Veterans are already qualified to drive trucks and can quickly shift to civilian trucking. As per the Military Skills Test Waiver Program, the driving test can be waived for those with at least two years of experience safely operating military vehicles. 

This will make the onboarding process smoother and quicker. Hence, more military drivers are getting enticed toward this career option.

Use the Right Words

The terms used in the military domain can differ from what civilians use. Getting a working understanding of Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) codes is recommended

Research About Military Culture

Understanding and respecting basic military culture is one of the most effective ways to entice military people and make them feel a part of your trucking company. This applies to structural, political, and ethical views and beliefs.

If you have access to a veteran (a friend or team member), then do consider including them in the interviewing and hiring process; it’ll help you understand them better and build a healthy relationship. They can help you create the job description content in a manner that’s amicable to veteran candidates. This way, you’ll be regarded as an inclusive organization. 

Offer Assistance in Transitioning

Transitioning back to non-military culture can be stressful and challenging. You must outline plans to give them the support and comfort they need to blend in and start working without much trouble. Be approachable so that you can clear their queries. 

You must educate their fellow drivers to be considerate toward veterans. All they need is a friendly environment and a sense of acceptance. 

Work With Local Military Organizations

If you’ve veterans on staff, they can be helpful through the recruitment drill. You can also reach out to community veterans organizations like the American Legion post or USO for support. 

Key Message

Hiring veterans as long-haul truck drivers is a wise decision as their skill sets align well with the job portfolio. They are tech-savvy, hardworking, and can handle heavy machinery easily. Moreover, determination, discipline, and a goal-oriented attitude will help them make on-time deliveries, maintaining a good reputation for your company.

But you’ve to ensure they get a friendly environment where you and the rest of the staff respect the differing military beliefs related to ethics, politics, and society. It’d be great if a veteran friend or colleague could help you walk through the recruitment process.