Why Long Haul Truck Drivers Need A Truck Seat Cushion?



We know the life of long haul truck drivers is not easy. Sitting and riding for many hours causes them detrimental health issues and even early death. Medical research has proven that prolonged sitting on the uncomfortable surface increases the risks of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.


Of course, this doesn't mean that you will quit your job; however, you can opt for comfortable and clinically designed truck seat cushions to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Kogler's RoadCloud Truck Seat Cushion is manufactured with a dual-density layer for optimal pressure distribution.


So, here we are sharing four major reasons and benefits of adding a high-quality cushion under your driver's seat.


  • Supports and trains the natural posture


Kogler's RoadCloud Truck Seat Cushion improves your innate posture, which consequently reduces the probability of having chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.


  • Relieves the Spinal Column


Prolonged sitting causes restrictions in the blood flow, especially in pelvis and legs. This results in the sparseness of oxygen, which causes a problem in the metabolic system.


The shape of the cushion adjusts to your body and ensures an equal distribution of the pressure. Moreover, it allows the pelvis to move forward, giving the natural s-shape to the spinal column, alleviating back pain.


  • Ensures Proper Functioning of the Digestive Organs


The compression disallows the digestive system to work efficiently, and this leads to constipation, stomach ache, diarrhea, and vomiting.


Placing our RoadCloud Truck Seat Cushion will give room to your abdomen to perform the digestive functions.


  • Keeps You Boosted


When the blood flows in each part of your body, the energy level also boosts. After using the support cushion, you will feel more focused and lively even by the end of the day, so that you can enjoy the hours off work.




Why Should Truck Drivers Invest In Kogler's Roadcloud Truck Seat Cushion?



  • Clinically designed: It is designed with utmost diligence by adding double density layers. The medium top entry layer encourages envelopment, and the higher density base layer is meant for pressure distribution and support.


  • Cool interface: The dual-chambered gel pod restricts the movement of gel, resulting in lesser heat dissipation. This maintains a cool interface between the body and the truck seat cushion.


  • Resistant to water, microbes and mildew: All our products are designed to remain free from germ and foul odor. This also means that truck drivers do not have to shell out money for dry cleaning frequently. Another benefit is its added longevity; you do not have to replace them too often.


  • Non-slippery: The surface comes with easy to attach quick straps that keep the cushion in its place. So, you do not have to worry about slithers. 


  • Multiple sizes: Our exclusive truck seat cushion is available in the following sizes; you can order as per your preference and requirements.


  • 16-16
  • 16-18
  • 18-16
  • 20-18
  • 20-16




Truck drivers must use cushions under their seats as their job requires extended sitting, leading to medical issues related to posture, digestion and blood circulation.


Kogler's RoadCloud Truck Seat Cushions are proudly made by experts in the USA using best in class technology. You can choose a suitable size and place the orders on their official website.