Why Should Fleet Managers Opt For Our Antimicrobial And Anti Odor Flippable Mattresses Made In USA?

Being a fleet manager is a tedious job, and the pain gets doubled when you hear your drivers' sleep deprivation stories owing to inappropriate truck bed sleeping mattresses. While experts advise a minimum of 8 hours of sleep for maintaining good physical and mental health, some drivers get less than 6 hours and hence the need to place comfortable mattresses intensifies. Do you know, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of USA, as high as 30-40% of heavy truck crashes are resultant of lack of concentration on the roads due to fatigue and sleepiness. 

Combating this reoccurring cost issue of replacing them, we at Kogler, have revamped the game with our Antimicrobial and Anti-odor Performance Flippable Mattress made in the USA. We envision contributing to the cost-cutting efforts of the truck companies so that they save time and money while ensuring work efficiency and employee satisfaction. 

Some Of The Common Reasons That Demand Frequent Replacement Of The Truck Bed Sleeping Mattresses In The USA

  • Absorption of smoke and cooking fumes
  • Infusion of foul sweat odor
  • Inhabitation of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • The lumpiness of the mattresses

Features Of Our Antimicrobial And Anti Odor Flippable Mattress

  • Long-lasting
  • Antimicrobial and anti-odor fluid-proof cover
  • Does not absorb odor from smoke and cooking
  • Anti-mold and anti-mildew
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Replacement covers available for purchase
  • The flippable feature allows you to choose between the firm or soft side. 
  • Made in the USA

How Kogler's Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor Performance Flippable Mattress Help The Fleet Managers?

The team of Kogler envisions to help the truck companies with overhead costs pertaining to frequent replacement of truck bed mattresses and came up with the best solution in the form of CertiPUR certified Antimicrobial and Anti-odor Performance Flippable Mattress that possess the following benefits for fleet managers: 

  • No headache of replacing the mattresses every time they hire a new driver: Fleet managers are already piled up with responsibilities, but Kogler offers flippable truck bed mattress that lasts long and do not omit filthy food odor. As many as 94% of truck companies reported going through the undue pain of replacing the current mattresses with a new one before hiring. With our product, getting new drivers on-board would be much less time-consuming and hassle-free. 

  • Order customized sizes: Kogler does not believe in the one-size-fits-all fallacy, and hence the fleet managers can contact us to place the orders as per the size they require. Some companies or even individual drivers prefer smaller mattresses to leave room for other activities, while many opt for full-size ones; whatever your need be, we are there to serve you with the best truck bed sleeping mattresses made in the USA.

  • No need to pay heavy dry cleaning charges: Getting the truck mattress dry cleaned by a professional company can cost you anywhere between $20-$50. But what if they can get clean by simply wiping off using a simple disinfectant and water? Isn't that going to save your time, efforts and money?

  • High retaining rate of the drivers: Do you know, as per a surveillance report, 78% of truck companies reported an instance where newly hired drivers denied taking up the vehicle because of smelly mattresses. Also, they find it troublesome to deal with the ones that are either too lumpy or stiff. The flippable feature allows them to choose between the firm and soft sides to accommodate everyone's needs. Resolving this issue will automatically improve the retaining rate. 

  • Decrement in the additional costs: Since you do not have to purchase a new mattress frequently, the sum of overhead charges goes down. To make it merrier, Kogler's comfortable truck mattresses do not require pricey dry cleaning; all you need to look after is their regular wiping using a simple disinfectant, and they are good to go!

  • Make your company employee-friendly: It is hard to be an employee-friendly company whilst maintaining your cost-cutting drill. However, with our product, you not only help your pocket but also add this as an additional perk in the drivers' basket. Placing Kogler's Antimicrobial and Anti-odor Performance Flippable Mattress reflects your concern towards their physical and mental wellness. Our products are CertiPUR certified, which means they meet all the quality standards.