Why Veterans Are A Good Fit For The Trucking Industry

The USA’s trucking industry is emerging at a much faster pace, and this has increased the demand for professional truck drivers. Luckily, now military veterans are keen to make the most of this opportunity. According to research, more than 18 million veterans are in the country, and one in every four is associated with this industry. But, as a trucking company owner, it can get dubious to consider hiring them. But there are many reasons why veterans are a good fit for the trucking industry. 

Moreover, it gets difficult for them to shift back to civilian life and make their living. The skills learnt in the military align well with the ones required for professional truck driving. Let’s see what these are.

Situational Awareness

Long-haul truck driving can be dangerous if you are unaware of your environment and the reactions needed. Situational awareness is a well-inculcated skill in military personnels which can help them be a non-problematic long-haul truck driver.


Truck driving is a responsible job and requires dependable people- so who is better than a military veteran? They must stay on top of their runs and mileage to ensure all the deliveries are made on time. They can even impose a positive influence on fellow drivers.


You need multiple people to load and arrange cargo boxes in and out of trucks. Good coordination and trust between team members are important. You may have to drive the cargo alone, but tuning in with dispatchers, cargo haulers, warehouse workers, and operation managers is appreciated. The zeal to accomplish missions in the military team helps significantly in this career.


Being able to adapt to the surroundings and available resources helps to live a trucking life easily. Being in different cities and geographical conditions brings instant changes, which truck drivers should be adaptable to. These can be related to weather, road conditions, food, dialect, etc. 


Physical and mental endurance is very important to keep you sane at work. In the military, there are many tasks where you have to push off your limits. So, if you expect them to make back-to-back deliveries or drive for a certain number of hours, they are less likely to disappoint you. 


Military veterans have a sense of responsibility and ownership toward actions. Their cognitive skills are sharp enough to take charge of a challenging and stressful situation when needed. They can keep the morale high when it starts to get low. The discipline developed over the years is one of the elements making them a perfect fit for the trucking industry.

Fast Problem Solving

Military veterans are great at critical thinking. Over the years, their job demands them to develop mental agility to become effective problem solvers.