• How Truck Fleets Can Improve Employee Retention

    With the labor shortage continuing in 2022, retaining top performers grows difficult. Attracting new talent with high employee turnover trends can be equally tricky.

    Implementing useful technologies and offering incentives can go a long way in decreasing employee disengagement for improved retention and new talent acquisition.

  • How to RV on a budget

    The cost of RV travel can add up quick, but strategic and patient planning make hitting the road possible on any budget. RVing is one of the most economical ways to travel, and thousands are able to enjoy RV living while keeping their finances in check.

    In order to RV on a budget, it’s important to have an idea of how much you’ll be spending, whether full-time RVing or just taking your motorhome, travel trailer or camper van out a few times a year. When estimating how much you will need, consider how you’re financing your RV, annual maintenance costs, campground fees, gas prices, and food costs. As you plan out the costs of your RV travel, below are some ways you can save money while traveling in an RV.

  • Truck Drivers and crime prevention: study made by FMCSA

    FMCSA is short for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency that monitors and modulates the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry in the USA. Its goal is to keep America’s roadways safe by taking measures to minimize crashes, injuries, and fatalities with large trucks, buses, and other CMVs.
  • Truck Shows and Events 2023

    It’s important to stay updated with the trends going on in your industry. If you belong to the trucking industry, you would know how beneficial it is to attend truck shows and events, right? Luckily, the year 2023 is lined up with some of the best trade shows catered to all interests. We have compiled a list of shows that are fueled with knowledge, updates, trends, and much more.

  • Fleet Manager Burnout

    The fleet management industry has been one of the worst affected in the last couple of decades. There have been a series of consecutive crises which impacted fleet management professionals on a large scale. Especially during Covid's emergence back in 2020, the shutting down of the North American OEM assembly plants affected the upfitters. Soon, it leads to instance chassis shortages. Inventories started getting depleted in bailment pools. Even the sales activities had to be stopped at dealerships. This further led to reduced deliveries of automobiles as well as vehicles going out of stock. 
  • How to prevent common safety violations. A short guide for Fleet Managers

    The technology and vehicle safety standards have improved significantly. But despite that, road accidents are very common. The fleet managers put their constant efforts into preventing safety violations. 
  • Truck Owner Operator VS Company Driver; Which One is the Best For You?

    If you are planning to step into the trucking industry as a driver, you can be confused about whether to be a truck owner-operator or a company driver. Well, there are pros and cons of both that you need to consider and compare before making a decision. 

    The day-to-day responsibilities of both types of drivers are the same; however, the major differences are in the back-end responsibilities. Let’s dig deep into the topic to see which is best for you.

  • How To Save On Fleet Cost?

    Running a trucking company isn’t easy. As a fleet manager, cost management is one of your top priorities, and you need to take adequate measures to ensure it’s achieved without hampering the quality and flow of the work. 

    Fortunately, now there are many tools and software programs that automate this task. So, if you know the right technique to use these tools, you can save hundreds of dollars each month. All you need to do is perform a rational cost analysis before drafting and implementing policies that can save on fleet cost. This blog will be a short guide for you where you’ll learn about multiple factors involved in fleet cost management. 


  • Tips on Buying an RV in the US

    Buying an RV is stressful and needs a lot of research depending on your budget, travel preferences, spaciousness, add-on features, type of RV, and...
  • Winter Setup for Your RV

    Traveling is a year-round affair. If you’re an RV owner, you’ll know that seasonal setups and maintenance are important for durability. If you don’t make the necessary changes, your trips can get spoiled. So, here we’ve gathered some cool tips that can help you set up your RV for the winter and enjoy your trips with no hassle at all.
  • The Best Winter RV Trips in the US

    Travelling is always fun, and it gets even more exciting in winter. You get to spot some of the best scenic spots with no chaos around. But what all are the places that can make an entry in your this winter’s bucket list? Let’s check out.
  • The Most Exciting RV Shows In The US

    Don’t you feel travelling simply rejuvenates your soul and takes it through unexplored dips of emotions as your traverse through valleys and alleys? No matter if you are a seasoned RV traveller or just thinking of going on your first journey, RV shows can help you a lot. It’s a modest and practical way to know about new campers, pop-up trailers, motorhomes, etc., at reasonable rates.