• How to Avoid Common Fleet Remarketing Pitfalls

    Remarketing a fleet involves several intricate steps, each crucial for maximizing returns and minimizing losses. This comprehensive guide offers insights and strategies to help you navigate the complex process of fleet remarketing, ensuring you make informed decisions and achieve optimal results.
  • Truck shows and events 2024

    The trucking industry is gearing up for an exhilarating 2024, packed with events that promise to showcase the latest in truck models, technology, and networking opportunities for industry leaders. This guide delves into the most anticipated truck shows and events of the year, offering insights and details to help enthusiasts and professionals plan their calendar.
  • Tips for a smooth running Fleet

    The prospect of vehicle breakdowns and other unexpected challenges can be daunting. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into practical and effective tips to ensure your work truck fleet stays operational, safe, and efficient during this hair-raising season.
  • Projections 2024 in the Trucking Industry: Navigating New Horizons

    As we approach 2024, the trucking industry stands at a pivotal juncture, influenced by technological innovations, regulatory changes, and evolving market dynamics. In this comprehensive analysis, we delve into the projected trends and transformations shaping the trucking sector in the coming year.
  • Stop Human Trafficking campaign by FMCSA

    As the wheels of the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry keep turning, a dark reality lurks in the shadows—human trafficking. Millions of individuals, including men, women, and children, are trapped in the horrifying world of forced labor and commercial sex. This is where you, the truckers, can become the beacon of hope and freedom for these victims. Welcome to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) "Your Roads, Their Freedom" campaign—an initiative designed to raise awareness, empower, and protect against human trafficking in the CMV industry.

    Rev up your engines and gear up for safety! Automotive repair shops are exhilarating places where skilled technicians bring vehicles back to life. However, amidst the excitement, safety should never take a back seat. At Kogler Inc., where innovation and technology are our driving forces, we understand the significance of safeguarding repair shop owners, staff, customers, and vehicles. Join us as we explore essential safety rules for automotive repair shops and learn how Kogler's cutting-edge safety gear, including our KOGLER ORANGE DIAMOND TEXTURED GLOVES, can elevate workplace safety to new heights. Get ready to revamp your shop's safety measures and embrace a secure and thriving environment!
  • Revolutionizing Industrial Safety and Performance KOGLER ORANGE DIAMOND TEXTURED GLOVES

    Are you tired of compromising safety for performance in tough working conditions? Say hello to innovation with KOGLER ORANGE DIAMOND TEXTURED GLOVES – the game-changer in the realm of industrial gloves. These gloves are designed to elevate your work experience, providing unmatched protection, dexterity, and gripping capabilities. Get ready to explore how these gloves are reshaping industrial safety standards and enhancing productivity. Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?
  • Maximizing Space: Creative Storage Solutions for Your RV

    Picture yourself embarking on an exciting road trip, exploring stunning landscapes, and immersing yourself in the freedom of the open road. But wait! Before you hit the highway in your trusty RV, there's one crucial aspect you need to tackle: maximizing the limited space available in your home on wheels. In this blog post, we'll unveil a treasure trove of creative storage solutions that will revolutionize the way you organize your RV. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to an organized oasis. So, buckle up and join us as we embark on a journey to optimize space in your RV.
  • 6 Technologies for Truck Safety

    Trucking is one of the most popular jobs in 29 states of the US and contributes a big chunk to the economy. However, the numbers of accidents and deaths recorded are also enormous. Do you know almost 500,000 truck accidents are registered in the USA annually, out of which 5,000 result in deaths? 

    Statistics like these make it more crucial to enhance the safety features in the trucks. So, here we are bringing you 6 truck technologies that ensure the better safety of your drivers. These products and features fall under the category of the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS).

  • The Importance of Driver Training and Safety Programs in Reducing Accidents and Liabilities

    For businesses that rely on transportation, driver safety is a critical concern. Companies have a responsibility to ensure that their drivers are w...
  • Choosing the Best Mattress for Long Haul Trucking

    Truck drivers spend a significant amount of time on the road, driving long distances and navigating challenging road conditions. One of the most crucial aspects of their job is getting enough rest to maintain focus and alertness while driving. However, the conditions inside a truck can make it difficult to get quality sleep, particularly if the mattress is not comfortable or supportive enough.
  • The benefits of custom-made RV mattresses: Why size matters

    When it comes to RV camping, comfort is key. The last thing anyone wants is to wake up feeling stiff and sore from a poor night's sleep. One of the most important factors in ensuring a good night's sleep while RV camping is having a comfortable mattress. However, finding the right size and style of mattress can be a challenge. This is where custom-made RV mattresses come in.