• Trucking Industry Works to Make Electric CVs More Affordable

    In the world of transportation, a quiet but powerful revolution is taking place. It's a revolution that promises cleaner air, reduced emissions, and a more sustainable future for the trucking industry. We're talking about the electrification of commercial vehicles, and it's electrifying the entire sector. But there's a significant roadblock on this journey - the cost. Electric commercial vehicles (EVs) are, at the moment, nearly twice as expensive as their diesel counterparts. So, how is the trucking industry working to make these electrifying vehicles more affordable?
  • Stop Human Trafficking campaign by FMCSA

    As the wheels of the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry keep turning, a dark reality lurks in the shadows—human trafficking. Millions of individuals, including men, women, and children, are trapped in the horrifying world of forced labor and commercial sex. This is where you, the truckers, can become the beacon of hope and freedom for these victims. Welcome to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) "Your Roads, Their Freedom" campaign—an initiative designed to raise awareness, empower, and protect against human trafficking in the CMV industry.
  • The best GPS for truckers

    In the ever-evolving world of trucking, having reliable navigation is crucial for success on the road. Gone are the days of relying solely on paper maps and guesswork. Today, truckers have access to advanced GPS systems that can revolutionize their driving experience. At Kogler Inc., we understand the importance of reliable technology for truckers, which is why we have compiled this guide to help you find the best GPS for your trucking needs. Get ready to discover the ultimate navigation companion that will guide you safely and efficiently to your destination.
  • How the Trucking Industry is Supporting Veterans

    The trucking industry is one of the most significant industries in the United States, and it is also an industry that has a long history of supporting veterans. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, and many of these drivers are veterans. In this blog post, we will explore how the trucking industry is supporting veterans, including providing job opportunities, training programs, and other resources.
  • 5 must-see national parks for RV enthusiasts

    Adventure has no season and time, and who knows this better than RV enthusiasts? Going from place to place and exploring the richness and diversity of your country gives you the experience of a lifetime. RV camping in national parks is a perfect way to expand your social horizon and experience the majestic view.

    The USA is home to 423 national park sites spanning over 84 million acres of land that include landscapes and historical narratives to commemorate the country’s past and cultural richness. So, if have also ditched the traditional home culture and chose to roam around the country in a moving house, then add these 5 national parks to your wishlist.  

  • How Truck Fleets Can Improve Employee Retention

    With the labor shortage continuing in 2022, retaining top performers grows difficult. Attracting new talent with high employee turnover trends can be equally tricky.

    Implementing useful technologies and offering incentives can go a long way in decreasing employee disengagement for improved retention and new talent acquisition.

  • Truck Drivers and crime prevention: study made by FMCSA

    FMCSA is short for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency that monitors and modulates the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry in the USA. Its goal is to keep America’s roadways safe by taking measures to minimize crashes, injuries, and fatalities with large trucks, buses, and other CMVs.
  • Truck Shows and Events 2023

    It’s important to stay updated with the trends going on in your industry. If you belong to the trucking industry, you would know how beneficial it is to attend truck shows and events, right? Luckily, the year 2023 is lined up with some of the best trade shows catered to all interests. We have compiled a list of shows that are fueled with knowledge, updates, trends, and much more.

  • Fleet Manager Burnout

    The fleet management industry has been one of the worst affected in the last couple of decades. There have been a series of consecutive crises which impacted fleet management professionals on a large scale. Especially during Covid's emergence back in 2020, the shutting down of the North American OEM assembly plants affected the upfitters. Soon, it leads to instance chassis shortages. Inventories started getting depleted in bailment pools. Even the sales activities had to be stopped at dealerships. This further led to reduced deliveries of automobiles as well as vehicles going out of stock. 
  • How to prevent common safety violations. A short guide for Fleet Managers

    The technology and vehicle safety standards have improved significantly. But despite that, road accidents are very common. The fleet managers put their constant efforts into preventing safety violations. 
  • How to be a Sustainable Transportation Company

    As much as US’s transportation industry contributes to its economy, it’s also accountable for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions. All this is leading to drastic global climatic changes, causing issues like extreme weather, food supply disruption, smog, pollution, wildfires, etc. Thus, there’s an immediate need for the transportation industry to adopt green practices that will minimize carbon footprints through sustainable logistics. 
  • How to Feel Like Home in Your RV

    RV journeys are fun. The joy of having a temporary home on various terrains and territories fills our hearts with excitement. But what if the entire trip is full of discomforts, making you moan about home-sickness? It would be terrible, right?

    So, here we are discussing some of the easy and practical ways to feel at home in your RVs.