• How Truck Fleets Can Improve Employee Retention

    With the labor shortage continuing in 2022, retaining top performers grows difficult. Attracting new talent with high employee turnover trends can be equally tricky.

    Implementing useful technologies and offering incentives can go a long way in decreasing employee disengagement for improved retention and new talent acquisition.

  • Truck Drivers and crime prevention: study made by FMCSA

    FMCSA is short for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency that monitors and modulates the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry in the USA. Its goal is to keep America’s roadways safe by taking measures to minimize crashes, injuries, and fatalities with large trucks, buses, and other CMVs.
  • Truck Shows and Events 2023

    It’s important to stay updated with the trends going on in your industry. If you belong to the trucking industry, you would know how beneficial it is to attend truck shows and events, right? Luckily, the year 2023 is lined up with some of the best trade shows catered to all interests. We have compiled a list of shows that are fueled with knowledge, updates, trends, and much more.

  • Fleet Manager Burnout

    The fleet management industry has been one of the worst affected in the last couple of decades. There have been a series of consecutive crises which impacted fleet management professionals on a large scale. Especially during Covid's emergence back in 2020, the shutting down of the North American OEM assembly plants affected the upfitters. Soon, it leads to instance chassis shortages. Inventories started getting depleted in bailment pools. Even the sales activities had to be stopped at dealerships. This further led to reduced deliveries of automobiles as well as vehicles going out of stock. 
  • How to prevent common safety violations. A short guide for Fleet Managers

    The technology and vehicle safety standards have improved significantly. But despite that, road accidents are very common. The fleet managers put their constant efforts into preventing safety violations. 
  • How to be a Sustainable Transportation Company

    As much as US’s transportation industry contributes to its economy, it’s also accountable for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions. All this is leading to drastic global climatic changes, causing issues like extreme weather, food supply disruption, smog, pollution, wildfires, etc. Thus, there’s an immediate need for the transportation industry to adopt green practices that will minimize carbon footprints through sustainable logistics. 
  • How to Feel Like Home in Your RV

    RV journeys are fun. The joy of having a temporary home on various terrains and territories fills our hearts with excitement. But what if the entire trip is full of discomforts, making you moan about home-sickness? It would be terrible, right?

    So, here we are discussing some of the easy and practical ways to feel at home in your RVs.

  • The Anatomy of a Mattress: Know How a Mattress is Made and Choose the Best One for You

    Buying a mattress for your truck or RV can be tedious, especially when you don’t know the basic terms sellers use. So, here we are, bringing you a go-to glossary that you can use for your next mattress shopping. We have carefully categorized the terms for a more consolidated approach. 
  • 2022 Operation Safe Driver Week (July 10-16)

    The Operation Safe Drive Week 2022 will commence on July 10th and continue until July 16th. The entire week would be full of activities, and education sessions meant for road safety for both commercial and non-commercial drivers. Irresponsible driving behavior like no seat belt, overspeeding, drinking and driving, improper lane change, etc., results in fatalities. 
  • Product: RoadCloud RV Mattress

    Say Goodbye to Painful and Sleepless Nights with RoadCloud RV Mattress

    The idea of living in an RV sounds so fun and thrilling, but there are tonnes of problems associated with it. Right from the struggle of hunting down a restroom every morning to having tiny kitchen space, poor network connectivity, mattress issues, and whatnot! It’s all too much sometimes.

    However, we at Kogler thought of resolving at least one of the problems- inadequate sleep due to uncomfortable mattresses. Yes, you got it right; we have sought a perfect solution with RoadCloud RV Mattress that offers great value for money. 

  • How to Replace Your RV Mattress?

    Isn't it fun to have a moving house? Like quite literally 'a moving house'!

    Yes, we are talking about the adventurous concept of living in RVs or recreational vehicles. But sometimes, things don't go well, and sleepless nights are one of them. Often people find it hard to find the right RV mattress which results in inadequate sleeping hours.

  • How can Truck Drivers Stay Healthy; A No-Shortcut Guide

    We know that being truck drivers, you’ve to stay on the roads for extended lengths of time. That’s why you find it challenging to give sufficient attention to your health and fitness. But it isn’t impossible, right?

    Now, keep reading this blog if you’ve made up your mind to get on the track to a healthy lifestyle. We’re sharing 9 tips that’ll help you get started.