• 6 Best Apps for Drivers

    If you often drive your truck or RV across the roads of the USA, this blog can be the best thing you have read of late. We understand that driving is a responsible act. You need to oblige the traffic rules and regulations. Besides, drivers in trucks and RVs are also required to safeguard their journey. In this tech-savvy world, many apps are available to make life easier for us. So, can drivers also leverage some of these apps? Well, why not?
  • Why Veterans Are A Good Fit For The Trucking Industry

    The USA’s trucking industry is emerging at a much faster pace, and this has increased the demand for professional truck drivers. Luckily, now military veterans are keen to make the most of this opportunity. According to research, more than 18 million veterans are in the country, and one in every four is associated with this industry. But, as a trucking company owner, it can get dubious to consider hiring them. But there are many reasons why veterans are a good fit for the trucking industry. 
  • Different types of RVs

    If you have just started your RV life or are still in the planning stage, choosing the right type of RV that aligns well with your needs and budget can be a little overwhelming. The trick is to lay down the features you require in your ideal motorhome and compare which one is the best for you.
  • Tips for Hiring Veterans as Truck Drivers

    Military personnels find it challenging to blend back into civilian life after they retire. They look for options that best align with their skill sets, and trucking is indeed the right choice. They can become successful long-haul truck drivers because of their disciplined, hardworking, patient, and goal-oriented attitude. So, if you’re a trucking company owner, consider hiring veterans whenever you’ve vacancies.
  • Kogler Joined Hands With Aqua Ree to Replace Unhealthy Sodas and Coffees with Healthy Driver Drink Mix

    If you are an RV or truck driver, there’s a high possibility you consume too many sodas and coffee to cover long distances. But we all know this isn’t a healthy and sustainable choice. Their regular and above borderline consumption causes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Moreover, the calories packed in sodas can not only increase inches around the belly but also disrupt your cardiovascular system.
  • How to Avoid Distracted Driving

    How to Avoid Distracted Driving

    As per NHTSA, distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,142 lives in 2020. Distracted driving refers to any activity that diverts a driver’s attention. It includes talking on the phone, eating, listening to loud music, cognitive thinking, etc. Texting is stated as one of the most alarming distractions; those 5 seconds can cause you yours and your loved ones’ lives. 


  • Fall/Winter Maintenance tips for your RV

    Life in an RV is full of adventure, but just like any other thing, it comes with its own set of challenges. As winter is approaching, you must buck up and prepare your vehicle for cold and windy days. These winterization steps will keep you and your RV safe and comfortable. Let’s see what you can do. 
  • The Automotive Industry is facing a Skill shortage

    Technology plays a vital role in today’s automotive industry; however, the market is more dependent on human resources. Unfortunately, USA’s automotive industry is facing a skill shortage at all seniority levels. This leads to more people losing jobs, and finding the right one is becoming challenging. 
  • How to be a Sustainable Transportation Company

    As much as US’s transportation industry contributes to its economy, it’s also accountable for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions. All this is leading to drastic global climatic changes, causing issues like extreme weather, food supply disruption, smog, pollution, wildfires, etc. Thus, there’s an immediate need for the transportation industry to adopt green practices that will minimize carbon footprints through sustainable logistics. 
  • Resources for Your Truck Company

    More than 37.9 billion commercial trucks are registered in the United States. The trucking industry generated $732.3 billion in 2020, and the figures are taking a steep upward turn. Thus, it’s one of the most economically crucial industries of the country as it is associated with many ports for supplying goods across cities. 
  • Opportunities for Veterans in the Trucking Industry

    America’s trucking industry’s revenue is close to 212 billion dollars. However, it continues to stumble upon challenges like low retention rates and frequent recruitment drives. This is because the demand for trucks has increased significantly post the pandemic. 
  • New RV Owners: Avoid These Common Mistakes!

    The idea of starting an RV life is overwhelming in itself. As a newbie, you must take care of dozens of things that can be stressful and difficult to manage. You’ve to take care of everything from cleaning the interior and exterior to monitoring fuel consumption, route maps, mechanical maintenance, and whatnot!